Pocket Gamer Partnership: The News Gangnam Style


The Latis Global Communications team is very pleased to announce a partnership with the folks at Steel Media’s, Pocket Gamer Biz. Starting this month, Latis Global will be contributing a bi-monthly article featuring opinion and news on Korea’s mobile game industry. The feature will be called The News Gangnam Style, and will appear in the Pocket Gamer Biz Asia section. The first article, titled China: An opportunity or threat for indie Korean mobile game developers?, was published last week.

Here is an excerpt:

With over 700 games on display and thousands in attendance, the booth girls weren’t the only ones shining the eyes of eager Korean developers at ChinaJoy 2014.

Hopes were high for small and mid-size Korean studios that the conference would open doors to more opportunities than the domestic market.

With over 2,000 studios operating in Korea competing for the top spots in just a few stores, stiff competition has forced smaller developers to start seeking opportunities abroad. While some have set their sights on western audiences, others have looked a little closer to home.


But there is a growing sense of concern in Korea that China is becoming more foe than friend in the tech industry.

For smartphones, Xiaomi’s stunningly high-quality phones threaten Samsung’s position as the high-end Android leader.

Kakao and LINE – the darlings of Korea’s industry – are reportedly being blocked in China, in what appears to be a brazen attempt by China to redirect its smartphone users to the indigenous QQ and WeChat platforms.

After the display by Chinese developers at this year’s ChinaJoy, some Korean developers are concerned mobile gaming will see a similar trend, and the Chinese market will change from one of open opportunity to one rife with the same competition they are facing at home.

As Chinese game companies continue to raise the bar on quality, the nature of the relationship between China’s and Korea’s game industries bears examining.

You can read the full article by clicking here.

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