Weekly News Round-Up: May 31st


1. Rumor Confirmed: Kakao and Daum to Merge

Kakao-Daum-PartnerWhispers of a merger between Kakao Corp and Daum that began last week have been confirmed as the two companies announced plans for the merger earlier this week. They will merge through an equity swap, creating one of Korea’s largest internet companies valued at around 3.4 trillion won ($2.9 billion USD). If the deal goes through, the combined company will be listed in October. Together the two companies will be better positioned in the market to take on Korea’s leading internet portal, Naver, and its OTT messaging service Line.


2. 5Rocks and Has Offers Announce Partnership

5Rocks-HasOffers-MobileAppTracking5Rocks announced plans to partner with Has Offers’ MobileAppTracking (MAT) this Friday. 5Rocks’ mobile game analytics and operation service has been integrated with MAT to provide clients with immediate access to the user analytics function that 5Rocks offers without any additional set-up. The goal is to allow marketers to beter segment users, create more targeted campaigns, and optimize the lifetime value of each user.



3. Top 10 games for Korea (Google Play, Grossing)

  1. Blade for Kakao (by 4:33)
  2. Anipang 2 for Kakao (by Sundaytoz)
  3. Seven Knights for Kakao (CJ)
  4. 몬스터 길들이기 for Kakao (CJ)
  5. 모두의마블 for Kakao (CJ)
  6. 별이되어라 for Kakao (Gamevil)
  7. 영웅의 군단 (en: Legion of Heroes) (Nexon)
  8. Cookie Run for Kakao (Devsisters)
  9. 원티드 for Kakao (Palmple)
  10. 에브리타운 for Kakao (WeMade)