[Speaker Profile Series] Anna Cho – Storm8

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Next week, Latis Global Communications and KOCCA will be holding a discussion panel in Seoul to talk about issues in game development and marketing. We’ll be introducing some of our panelists on the blog throughout the week, so keep checking back for more updates.

Anna Cho - UI Engineer, Storm8

Anna Cho – UI Engineer, Storm8

Anna Cho is a UI Engineer at Storm8 in sunny California. Her job involves many interesting areas of game production including brainstorming cool UI and game screens that designers create and implement with Engineers. She also works with Product Managers and Game Designers to improve features on games. She says there is not a single part in the game that is not relevant to User Experience.  Here are her thoughts UI, the game industry, and working with Storm8.





What do you like most about working in the game industry as a UI engineer? Can you give us some insight into the environment at Storm8?

I love the live interaction with players all over the world. Mobile gaming is such an amazing and still a new media compared to other traditional entertainment media like TV or film, so it’s very exciting.

In terms of the work environment, Storm8 fosters a very collaborative culture where we all work together as a team. Storm8 tries to make our office environment fun and encourages everyone to play games. Of course we are pretty rigorous on our product quality and follow a fast-paced release schedule as well.

What are the major differences between American UI’s and Korean UI’s?

The primary difference is that Korean UI has Korean letters. We spend quite a large amount of resources to localize our games – and it is not as easy as it sounds.

Is there any difference in designing UIs for Apple vs. Android? If so, what are those differences?

We try to make all players happy through a game’s core mechanic, which is the same for both platforms. The difference in developing for the Android platform is that there are so many unique devices with varying screen ratios and capabilities. With that, it can be a challenge for game developers to be able to test and optimize for every single type of Android device since there are many varieties. UI testing in Xcode is simpler because it is uniform in all of Apple’s devices.

Last year Storm8 launched its third party publishing platform. How has the first quarter of 2014 been for that business?

We’re very excited about the launch of Storm8 Publishing and looking forward to engaging with talented developers around the world to help expose their games to our strong network of users worldwide.