The Big Indie 40 Project

Latis Global Communications, is pleased to announce the Big Indie 40 project, a not-for-profit project aimed at helping Korea’s indie developers achieve success. In partnership with the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), a government agency dedicated to helping small businesses in creative industries, Latis Global Communications has hand-picked 40 of Korea’s best indie games for localization and publishing abroad. Why, you ask? The answer is three simple words:

Empower. Support. Independence.

While many predict South Korea to be the next big thing for startups, the reality is a bit different in the gaming world. The sudden and wildly successful transition to the mobile sphere by Korea’s AAA game companies has created a market that is suffocating indie developers. A core group of well-established gaming companies that includes CJ E&M, NHN, and Nexon, own the top grossing charts of Korea’s app stores. To be competitive means adopting increasingly burdensome marketing budgets that are becoming too big to shoulder for small companies.

Recognizing the need for innovation, KOCCA has endeavored to empower small game companies by providing them with loans and connecting them with the service providers they need.  As Korea’s leading localization service provider, Latis Global Communications has filled that need.  For over a decade, we have worked to support our clients by adopting a mandate to empower the businesses we work with, no matter how big or small, to succeed in markets around the globe. With such parallel objectives, our partnership with KOCCA was only natural.

The Big Indie 40 project seeks to shake up the status quo of Korea’s gaming market by providing indie developers with options they’ve never had before. Rather than force developers to go through domestic publishers, we allow them to act independently by providing the tools they need to localize their games for international markets where they can choose their partners, or choose to try self-publishing.

A bridge to new markets

As Korea’s leading localization service provider, Latis Global Communications has over 10 years of experience helping Western games penetrate Asian markets and helping domestic games take their first steps out into the Western world. We have worked with both big publishers like Blizzard, Webzen, NCSoft, and WeMade, and small developers to help their products reach a global audience. With a history of delivering comprehensive translation, testing, and customer support services, we ensure our clients achieve their vision in markets around the world.

Our role in The Big Indie 40 project has brought tangible experience, knowledge, and a network of connections to help support the vision and goals of both KOCCA and participating developers. But we can still use your help…

How can you help?

Are you a publisher? Contact us and learn more about the Big Indie 40 games and consider them for publishing.

Are you an app promoter? Contact us and consider lending your expertise to help market this great selection of indie games.

Are you a game industry pro or game enthusiast? Spread the word about The Big Indie 40 project by following us on LinkedIn and Facebook and sharing with your friends and coworkers.

We’re always interested in talking to game industry professionals about The Big Indie 40 project. If you know someone that you think would be interested in learning more, please share with us.    


1) To learn more about Korea’s burgeoning game industry, read KOCCA’s 2013 white paper.
2) To learn more about our services, visit our game site at

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